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Banner Frame Components for Connect

The diagrams below show the components that are used to make your Connect Banner Frame (freestanding and wall)

Tubing without Eyelets

(EL-PLA 083)

Tubing with Eyelets

(EL-PLA 080)

Tubing with Eyelets both sides

(EL-PLA 082)




45o Angled Connector

(EL-PLA 089)

T-Piece (freestanding)

(EL-PLA 084)

Wall Distancer

(EL-PLA 077)





(EL-PLA 079)

Outdoor Bracket

(EL-PLA 075)

90o Corner Connector

(EL-PLA 100)




Fixing Plate with Flange

(EL-PLA 116)

Recycled Base

(EL-PLA 920)

Connecting Tube

(EL-PLA 078)




Tube Clamp

(EL-PLA 117)

Outdoor Bracket

(EL-PLA 087)

Tube Clamp

(EL-PLA 107)




Cross Piece

(EL-PLA 115)

3 Corner Connector

(EL-PLA 104)

Connecting Piece

(EL-PLA 122)



4 Corner Connector

(EL-PLA 105)


(EL-PLA 090)