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Heavy Duty Banner Frames



Freestanding Heavy Duty Banner Frame

Our Wall Mounted and Freestanding Banner Frame called "Connect" is a slot together system that has built in fixing points all around to secure your banner. With an outer diameter of 42.5mm this galvanised steel system can be either free standing or secured to the wall or floor. A whole range of tube lengths and spacers are available with fixings allow you to design a frame for various size banners. Please contact our sales team if you need some help with this. All nuts and bolts needed for assembly are included.


Tube length options; 200mm, 500mm, 700mm, 1000mm 1500mm, 2000mm.

Components that make your Connect-to Banner Frame can be found on our Banner Frame Components page


Wall Mounted - Connect

Wall Mounted Banner Frame




Jumbo Banner Frame

The Jumbo Banner Frame is constructed from galvanised steel tube and cast iron elbow and socket joints which forms a very robust frame to display your banners. It can be bolted to or concreted into the ground and as the name suggests is the perfect solution when strength and durability are called for. The banner should be attached with toggle bungees or bungee cord to offer some 'give' or wind spill on a breezy day.

Jumbo Banner Frame

Jumbo Banner Frame Base Jumbo Banner Frame Elbow Jumbo Banner Frame Elbow